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Saturday, September 04, 2021

Our clinic – New design and richer visitor experience



Dr. Varshali's Gynecology Clinic
Our clinic – New design and richer visitor experience
Providing a better experience to patients is the primary value for us at Dr. Varshali’s gynecology clinic. We have been working on this since the day of our clinic's inception. Our online booking platform, updated information on the website and other social platforms are small attempts by our IT team to enhance your experience.
To do a small contribution in creating a better experience, the team DrVMGC (Dr. Varshali Mali Gynecology Clinic) was working on upgrading the clinic interior. And finally, all our thoughts came to reality, and we have a clinic with a new interior design. We hope that you like it and enjoy the facilities provided.
Here are a few glimpses and thoughts behind few elements you may see at the clinic.

The entrance

Entrance at Dr. Varshali's Gynecology Clinic
If you have visited us before, you may see the same design on the entry door. Nothing much changed there. We have added glow signboards, and a notice board to display quick information. The unique design is a shoe rack on the right of the entrance and a little chair which comes really handy.

The waiting area

The waiting area was a tough one to design for us (and of course we enjoyed this a lot during our design stage). We defined the following expectation before starting a design phase:

It should give a feeling of openness and freedom

It should look fresh

It should have visual elements of our brand

It should feel more casual (or rather funny to bring a smile to the visitor’s face)

It should feel motivational

Visitors should be able to create, leave, and take the memories with them

The visitor should feel comfortable when they are at the clinic

It should have required utility elements which might be needed during visitor’s stay at the clinic

With all the above expectations, the design team started working on the layouts, design elements, and theme. After few iterations, we got the design satisfying all the needs. With minor modifications during implementation and after lot of efforts during the actual work, we got the waiting area we wanted.
Waiting area at Dr. Varshali's Gynecology Clinic
There are lot of design elements that may catch your attention. You may notice a little irregular size of the certificates (which we have made larger intentionally to improve readability), the eye-soothing display wall with charming yoga lady, and a sign of our logo glowing to show its importance and presence.
Waiting area design elements at Dr. Varshali's Gynecology Clinic

The photo booth

Pregnancy is a journey, it’s an experience we all remember for our lifetime. There are so many memories we develop during this journey. Wouldn’t it be nice to capture the important milestones of this journey? How nostalgic it would be to refer to these memories when you get old?
The design team wanted to have some element in the waiting area that will encourage and remind the visitors to capture these moments. After many iterations, we came up with the idea of a photo booth. The photo booth has a frame so that the picture comes perfect, it has a hand-crafted slider so that the picture will have a milestone mark in the journey and a cute little message to motivate and take the picture.
Photo booth at Dr. Varshali's Gynecology Clinic

The feedback (reflection) area

We welcome our patients to give all sorts of feedbacks. They are very important for us. The feedback may come in the form of reviews on various platforms. But what about those quick messages, little love, and cute similes patients want to give to the doctor? These little things start our day with a big smile. So, we have created a feedback / reflection area for visitors to write a quick note (sticky one). Once the board is filled with all the messages, we are going to take a snap and preserve that for our lifetime.
Feedback wall at Dr. Varshali's Gynecology Clinic

Charge your thoughts with books

Pregnancy is a journey and the long one. You need to remain happy, motivated and informed about what is happening with you. We believe that books are the best companions during this most memorable experience. We have created a little in-clinic book library for the visitors. These books are handpicked by the team and made available for the visitors to refer to. The visitors may browse through different books available and if they like to read one, they can order their copy by scanning the QR code available on the book.
Book library at Dr. Varshali's Gynecology Clinic
The phone charging station may come in handy in case if you rush to the clinic and forgot to charge your phone.


There are many messages spread across the clinic. The idea is to keep it “cool” and pass the thought we want to. Each message is unique. “Charge your phone” as your phone needs charging, but “try not to use it” as you are there with someone, so spend time with each other than on the phone . You may see a funny, cool, and motivational angle to each message.
Messages at Dr. Varshali's Gynecology Clinic

The doc’s cabin

This is probably the place where visitors would spend the majority of the time. We were very particular about few aspects of designing this.

It should feel fresh and must be comfortable

It should encourage open dialogs between doctor and patient

It should add positive energy to the visitors

It should display our values and act as an everyday affirmation

Doctor's cabin at Dr. Varshali's Gynecology Clinic Checkup table at Dr. Varshali's Gynecology Clinic

The team

We feel that the clinic interior, the online booking facility, and many such things are little secondary aspects for the patient’s experience. The main factor deciding the experience is the doctor’s treatment and dialogs with the support staff. So, if this update is about the patient’s experience how we attempted to upgrade it, it would be incomplete without the picture of the team. While taking the snaps of the clinic interior, we requested the team to be present. We just wanted to capture their feedback about this new design and preserve that. Here is the team and smiles on their faces indicate their satisfaction about the work.
The team at Dr. Varshali's Gynecology Clinic
And… we could able to capture the cute smiles of doc’s lovely daughters during the visit.
Kids at Dr. Varshali's Gynecology Clinic
That’s all…. for now…
Visit the clinic, we would love to get your feedback… after all, this is all done to improve your experience. There is much more to do… we will keep working on little improvement every day…

Thanks team ArtBuzz

All the design and implementation work is done by team at ArtBuzz Advertising. Thanks to team ArtBuzz for their dedication and effort for this project. You have exceeded the expectation and brought our idea to reality.

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Providing a better experience to patients is the primary value for team DrVMGC (team Dr. Varshali Mali Gynecology Clinic). Since the day of our clinic's inception, the team is working on different activities to enhance the patient's experience. The team works on various digital activities including online booking platforms, website, and social media engagements. Team also works on various activities at clinic premises to make sure that the visitors more feel comfortable and get hassle-free experience during their appointments.
To know more about the team's activities, visit our clinic, our website, or follow us on social media platforms. The team would be glad to connect with you and get feedback.


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