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Gynecology & Pregnancy Care Services

As a woman, your health undergoes a lot of changes throughout your life. Great care involves listening, and treating the physical and emotional needs of the women. Dr. Varshali Mali is an experienced female Gynecologist & Pregnancy doctor. She offers gynecology & pregnancy care for women of all ages starting from their first menstrual cycle through menopause.

Gynecology Care Services

A woman undergoes a lot of physical and mental changes throughout the life. No matter what stage you are in life, doctor Varshali provides care, diagnosis, and education about changes happening to your body. Her gynecology services are aimed at providing routine and specialized care to maintain woman's health and treating diseases. She treats the full spectrum of gynecology conditions including :

Annual gynecology exams

Menstrual disorders

Puberty problems

Menopausal problems

Abnormal uterine bleeding

Chronic pelvic pain

Premenstrual syndrome

Breast examination

Female sexual problems & sexually transmitted diseases (STD)

Gynecology cancers, cysts, and fibroids

Urinary disorders


Misplaced IUCD

Surgeries including hysterectomy, laparoscopy, and laparotomy

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Pregnancy Care Services

Whether you're looking to conceive a baby or you are already enjoying your pregnancy, doctor Varshali's pregnancy care services helps to keep you and your baby healthy. She offers a full range of pregnancy care services for your safe pregnancy and delivery of the healthy baby. Her pregnancy care solution includes :

Pre conception / pre pregnancy counseling

Prenatal care during pregnancy

Family based labor and delivery care

Evaluation & diagnostic service for complex obstetrical patient

Medications that can be utilized during pregnancy

High-risk pregnancy

Suggested interventions for nausea and vomiting in pregnancy

Common discomforts of pregnancy

Early and recurring pregnancy loss

Medical termination of pregnancy (MTP)

Family planning and contraceptive advice

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Have a question about pregnancy, gynecology problems, health or wellness? Ask it to doctor Varshali and get the quick answers.

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Dr. Varshali Mali is an experienced female Gynecologist & Pregnancy doctor. Book an appointment and get the best gynecology & pregnancy care solution.
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The Patient's Words

I recommend the doctor. My experience with Dr. Varshali was very good, Patient friendly and does not recommend any unnecessary tests or medication Me and my husband had gone for the advice on preventing pregnancy. We found her very kind, attentive , and totally non-judgmental. She discussed with us in great detail before suggesting the best thing. Before this I had met another gynaecologist and had a terrible experience. hence was a little skeptical but after our first visit to dr Varshail, she made it very easy to communicate without any awkwardness. Overall, we found her kind, polite and very efficient. I like her clinic too. Highly recommended.
Kashmira Likhite
I recommend the doctor. Everything you wish to see in your doctor you will find much more than that in Dr. Varshali Mali. I was happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction and Value for money. She is very experienced.. and genuine. Doctors keeps very busy but makes sure everyone is attained with almost perfection.We had great experience with Dr. Varshali Mali.we got best advise and support from her. I would strongly recommend this Dr to my colleagues.The Dr. Varshali mam is (damn good) doctor as well as excellent human being. This is My first experience with her and it was soooooo good. Dr. Varshali is full Of Positive enrgy with beautiful personality and face. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.kind regards pradnya and ashish.
Pradnya Patil
Dr Varshali is the best Gynecologist Doctor you can consult in Hinjewadi. She is experienced, understanding and patient friendly. She provides no unnecessary treatment. The doctor is very realistic and calm, listens to her patients completely, talks with data and facts, analyzes the issue holistically and most important patient gets confidence.
Mamta Nitin Ranawat
Dr. Varshali is worth to go for your gynecology and obstetrics related problems. Being the owner of a good personality with humble nature and sweet words, she realizes the problem faced by the person personally and provide as much as the support she can. She is quite clear about the procedure she should follow for examination and makes it very comfortable. I didn't have words to describe her humbleness during the procedure. She makes the procedure and treatment quite understandable for a non-medico / Layman person. She is not a typical gynecologist/obstetrician and has a lot of humanity, gentleness, and intelligence. In my opinion, if I have any reproductive problem, I only go to her. Thank you so much, Ma'am, for the way you handled so gently a stubborn person like me.
Richa Bhatnagar
We recommend the doctor. We were happy with doctor's friendliness, explanation of the health issue and treatment satisfaction. The doctor is very down to earth and friendly. She is easily approachable and its easy to communicate with her. Treatment and tips given by her are good and full of knowledge. Well, she is a good doctor and also helping.
Renuka Chandra Mohan
I had a very good experience with Dr. Varshali. She is very kind and one of the best and most supportive Gynecology practitioner. She gives full time for the discussions and makes the entire treatment process smooth and hassle free journey. I recommend you all to visit Dr. Varshali if u are having any gynaec issues.
Priyamvada Jatav
Dr. Varshali is a great doctor her care and concern to see you well is very encouraging. Her personal demeanor is so appreciated. The doctor always takes time with me, she answers all my questions and never seems to be in a rush to move on to the next patient. I always feel completely satisfied after my appointment. There are no unanswered questions, doubts, or confusion. I have complete trust in her evaluations and treatment. Very caring and concerned about your problems.
Abhijit Das
She is blessed with graceful personality and reassuring smile. She spent quality time to ensures that patient understood the issues and explains all the question with language a non medico can understand. She ensures all the required test and procedures one has to undergo are well understood by the patient.
Mranali Sharma
She is very nice and kind by nature. Treated very well and guided in proper way. Her recommendation was really helpful during my wife's pregnancy. We must say she helps morally and needs very less medication. Your moral supports reduces the half of the pain. Must visit doctor you will have good communication experience in first visit. She also helps over the phone too that was very helpful for us when it was not possible to visit her clinic every time. Thanks doctor for your great support.
Ashok Khedkar
My wife and I visited Doctor Varshali for Gynae problem. She is very kind and friendly in nature. Treat her patients very well. She addressed all query and we were happy and satisfied. I will surely recommend her.
Our first Child's birth was under Dr. Varshali and she was brilliant. We requested to try for normal delivery and She assisted my wife in a very long labour period and everything went positive. We recommend her for her service and She is a brilliant down to earth human being always ready to help you.
Shamsud Ahmed
After my D&C (missed abortion) a year back, my husband and I had been trying to conceive for a while, without any luck. So we decided to consult Dr. Varshali Mali. I feel like we are finally getting to the bottom of things, with every visit feels like one step closer. Currently, we are going through the IUI process. After reviewing the test results, Dr. Varshali explained the initial protocol approach and explained us to make sure we understand each step of the process. She has been always available to listen to any concerns I have and answered all of them.
Nivedha Sahana
She is blessed with graceful personality and reassuring smile. She spent quality time to ensures that patient understood the issues, required test and procedures one has to undergo. She is the reason I am blessed with baby boy after undergoing crucial labour pain. She was their whole time standing during labour to ensure that I have a normal delivery. Kudos to you my Dr.. Bless to have you.
Sona Deshmukh
I had a wonderful experience with Dr Varshali. During my pregnancy she guided me very well for care of baby and what all test to be done. Even during my delivery she was very helpful as I couldn't have that much energy to push the baby out. She supported me psychologically . I am very thankful to her for all the support.
Archana Patel
Dr. Varshali is very professional and knowledgeable practitioner who clarifies all the doubts of the patients. She also remembers her patients. She answers mobile calls and provide proper advice.
Varsha Thakur
She understood the concern well and provides accurate consultation... interactive.. provides reasonable amount of time with us ..thank you doctor.
Sneha Kanase
Dr. Varshali was very friendly and taken good care of me after I started consulting. She is more supportive and encouraged me to do right things. Always explains the medical reason in detail for every suggestion given at any time with patience. Overall the experience was excellent andmy husband and my parents has same feelings.
Gayathri Sethu
Her treatment was very effective and I'm really grateful :). Also, Dr. Varshali is so friendly and sweet. Definitely going to visit her whenever I need a Gynaecologist.
June Ghosh
I have visited Dr. Mali during the initial days and the experience was good. However she can be little impatient at times (which I understand due to various reasons) but always advices for good of the patient. She is not a doctor who would ask the patient to do several tests for nothing !
Srimoyee Sengupta
She calmly addresses all patients. She responds to all queries whatever questions we have, She is the best gynecologist.
Vaishali Teli
She is Super cool Dr. with brain and beauty. She has handled me very patiently during my (pre - during - post) pregnancy and made my journey joyful. She is a brilliant doctor who treats her patients with utmost care and answers all kind of queries. According to my vast experience with her, Dr. Varshali is well efficient in treating any kind of Gynaecology ailments.
Leena Ratnaparkhi
I am very thankful to you the way you treated my wife throughout her pregnancy. You are such a friendly and wonderful doctor who gives enough time to the patients. I wish you all the best for your further journey.
Daryappa Madasnal
She calmly addresses all patients. She responds to all queries whatever questions we have. She is the best gynecologist...
Vaishali Teli
She is really friendly and made me feel very comfortable. She is thoughtful about treatments and recommendations. Also she addresses my concerns and personally gets back to me on any questions she or I may have. She makes me feel at ease.
Aparna Pande
While I was expecting my second child and wanted to go for a VBAC procedure, Dr. Varshali has supported and guided me very well. She is the one who extends herself in terms of time and effort to do the best for her patients. As a person she is always smiling and positive.
Nalini Madala
A very calm and nice doctor, she always welcomes you with her smile and makes you comfortable. I had very grt experience throughout my pregnancy with Dr. varshali. She is very friendly. I could discuss minor issues with her frankly. She was in touch with me everytime whenever I needed.
Pallavi Wagh-Daitkar
Dr. Mali is very nice by her nature n as well as by her profession. She give proper time n comfort to the patient. I always feel relax while sharing my concerns during my pregnancy.
Nidhi Moyal
I would always recommend her, she's really nice and friendly in nature with excellent communication. Listens to all our relevant n irrelevant queries generously. She made my pregnancy and c-section a wonderful journey. Thank you so much Dr. Vrashali Mali
Pooja Sharma