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Gynecology & pregnancy solutions

As a woman, your health undergoes many changes throughout your life. Great care involves listening and treating the physical and emotional needs of the women. Dr. Varshali Mali is an experienced female Gynecologist & Pregnancy doctor. She offers gynecology & pregnancy care for women of all ages starting from their first menstrual cycle through menopause.
Gynecology care services - Dr. Varshali Mali - Gynecologist

Gynecology care solutions

A woman undergoes a lot of physical and mental changes throughout her life. No matter what stage you are in life, Dr. Varshali provides care, diagnosis, and education about changes happening to your body. Her gynecology services aim to provide routine and specialized care to maintain women's health and treat diseases. She treats the full spectrum of gynecology conditions.
Menstrual problems
Menstrual problems like irregular menses, heavy flow during menses, Amenorrhoea, etc., are treated. A thorough evaluation is done to find out the cause of the menstrual problem, counseling is done to reduce the risk of factors contributing, and medication is provided to treat the cause.
Routine gynecological checkups
Gynec exams include a breast examination, pelvic examination, and PAP smear. An annual gynecology checkup is provided to reassure you that your reproductive organs are healthy. Any disease condition can be picked up early, and treatment is provided accordingly.
Urinary disorders
Many urinary disorders like urinary tract infection (UTI), urinary incontinence, etc. A thorough examination, diagnosis, and treatment services are provided for all urinary disorders.
Polycystic ovary Problems (PCOD)
Presentations could be irregular menstrual cycles, hair loss, abnormal weight gain, and infertility. Counseling, diagnosis, and treatment are provided for all PCOD problems depending upon presentation.
Breast issues
Breast pain, lump in the breast, abnormal discharge from nipples, etc., are a few breast problems. A thorough examination, diagnosis, and treatment services are provided for all breast-related issues.
Bartholin's cyst / Abscess
Bartholin's cysts are usually presented as painless vaginal cysts on either side of the vulva. Cysts can get secondarily infected and result in abscesses. Sometimes they don't need treatment; only observation will suffice. At times, these need to be treated with medicine or surgery, depending upon presentations. All the services treating Bartholin's cysts are provided.
Menopause care
Counseling, diagnosis, and treatment of menopause problems like irregular periods, hot flashes, atrophic vaginitis, etc., are done. Various treatments like hormone therapy, vaginal estrogen, medications to prevent or treat osteoporosis are provided.
Puberty problems
Starting periods too early (Precocious puberty) or too late (delayed puberty), irregular periods, menorrhagia (heavy flow during menses), anemia are a few of the medical problems associated with puberty. Education, counseling, medication, and treatment around puberty problems are provided.
Vaginitis (white discharge)
Various disorders that are caused due to inflammation or infection of the vagina are called vaginitis. This is one of the most common issues found in women. The most common presentation is excessive discharge per vaginum. Diagnostic services like a review of medical history, pelvic examination are provided. Appropriate treatment are provided based on the identified cause for vaginitis.
Ovarian cysts
Ovarian cysts are growths that develop on or inside the ovaries. Most cysts are harmless, but few may create potentially serious problems. An examination and diagnosis service are provided to understand the cysts' cause and nature. Complete laparoscopy management of ovarian cysts is provided.
Fibroids are noncancerous growths of the uterus which mainly appear during childbearing years. The fibroids often do not need any treatment, but in certain conditions, they may need to be treated or removed. Services like Laparoscopic myomectomy/open (abdominal myomectomy) are provided to manage the fibroids.
Hysterectomy (Uterus Removal)
Hysterectomy is a major surgical procedure in which the uterus is removed. Hysterectomy is done for fibroid problems, abnormal uterine bleeding, prolapse, endometriosis, early stages of certain cancers. Counseling, uterus removal services, after treatment care is provided. It can be laparoscopic hysterectomy, abdominal hysterectomy, vagnal hysterectomy.
Uterovaginal Prolapse
Prolapse is a condition where female pelvic organs fall from their normal position into or through the vagina. Most of the time, it needs surgical correction. Vaginal hysterectomy with other repairs treatments is provided.
Pregnancy care services - Dr. Varshali Mali - Gynecologist

Pregnancy care solutions

Whether you're looking to conceive a baby or are already enjoying your pregnancy, Dr. Varshali's pregnancy care solutions help to keep you and your baby healthy. She offers a full range of pregnancy care services for your safe pregnancy and delivery of a healthy baby.
Preconceptional / Pre-pregnancy counseling
Counseling of couples before planning pregnancy to achieve a healthy pregnancy. Family history, risk factors, medical conditions, and lifestyle all are discussed in accordance with a future pregnancy. Guidance to gain a healthy weight, updating appropriate immunization, reviewing medical conditions (diabetes mellitus, hypertension, thyroid, and seizure disorders) and their proper control, the safety of previously taking medications regarding pregnancy are discussed. Guidance regarding starting prenatal Folic acid and other essential medicines is given.
Pregnancy (antenatal) care
Care of a pregnant lady throughout 9 months, from conception until delivery. Guidance regarding appropriate investigations, medications, immunization, exercise, and diet is provided. Regular checkups to assess the baby's health, various blood and ultrasound tests report assessment, resolving various concerns during pregnancy are done through counseling and guidance.
Normal delivery and cesarean section
Vaginal delivery, instrumental delivery (forceps, vacuum deliveries), and cesarean section are done. Epidural analgesia (painless labour) can be offered. Epidural analgesia is one of the means to make your labour pains bearable while labour progresses. Risk assessment and cesarean section delivery service are provided.
Recurrent pregnancy loss and miscarriages
Management of pregnant women with a previous history of repeated miscarriages (abortions). Investigations to find out the cause for it and its management is done. Guidance throughout pregnancy and delivery is given.
Postnatal Issues
Guidance regarding breastfeeding, correct posture for breastfeeding is given. Post-delivery conditions like mastalgia and mastitis (pain and swelling of the breast), cracked nipples, breast abscess is treated.
High-risk pregnancy care
A pregnancy is considered high-risk when potential complications could affect the mother, the baby, or both. These include diabetes mellitus, hypertension, twin pregnancy, preterm labour, placenta previa, obesity, recurrent pregnancy loss, etc. All required diagnoses, treatment, and care are provided for high-risk pregnancies.
Infertility treatment
Examination, investigations, counseling, and treatment are provided for the couples seeking conception. Treatments like ovulation induction and IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) are done.
MTP (Medical Termination of Pregnancy)
It is a procedure to terminate the pregnancy. In the early stages of pregnancy, it can be done with medicines. In the advanced stages of pregnancy, it can be done with surgical procedures. Counseling and MTP services are provided.
Contraception advice, family planning
Guidance to a couple regarding different methods for pregnancy prevention as per their need and convenience is provided. These include temporary methods like barrier methods, contraceptive pills, Cu T Insertion (IUCD), contraceptive injections, etc. Services like Tubal ligation are provided for those who want a permanent solution. Tubal ligation can be done either by Abdominal (open) Tubal Ligation or Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation methods.


Have a question about pregnancy, gynecology problems, health or wellness? Ask it to the experienced Gynecologist & Pregnancy doctor. Get the quick answers.


Dr. Varshali Mali is an experienced female Gynecologist & Pregnancy doctor. Book appointment with her and get the best consulting, care, and solutions.
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