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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Gynecology and pregnancy knowledge now in Marathi - स्त्रीरोग आणि प्रसूतीविषयक माहिती आता मराठीत



Dr. Varshali's Gynecology Clinic
Gynecology and pregnancy knowledge now in Marathi - स्त्रीरोग आणि प्रसूतीविषयक माहिती आता मराठीत
Today, 26th January, on India's Republic Day, Dr. Varshali's Gynecology Clinic releases the Marathi (मराठी) version of its website. This is the big step towards Dr. Varshali's vision of "making knowledge accessible to all". On this occasion, team DrVMGC connected with the doctor, IT, and language translation team to understand this big step's thought process. This is what they said about this movement.

"Knowledge for all" says Dr. Varshali Mali

I have spent my complete childhood in the village environment. In fact, my complete primary schooling is done in the village. I have done all my medical education in Pune. Throughout my journey from science student to a doctor, I have seen a huge transition in "what language I am comfortable with" and "what language, I can deeply understand the subject/concept". I believe this happens to everyone. Our education and surroundings develop a "natural comfort" for the language we interact with. This "natural comfort" language helps understand "what's said" and "what's written".
Daily, I interact with many women who come to me for advice, guidance, and treatment. Many of my friends, relatives, women from my village connect with me for advice. When I try to explain things, one thing that occurs very frequently and firmly is their comfort in "the language" I use to describe things. I always felt that they could understand it better when explained in "their natural comfort" language.
I am a huge believer in "spreading the knowledge". If we all collectively understand the subject, it helps to discuss, decide, and choose the path of mutual agreement. I always feel relieved when someone asking my advice already knows some basics of the subject. It sets a correct ground for further discussion. To fulfill this expectation, I keep writing various articles around gynecology, pregnancy, women's wellness, and teen girls' health. I keep spreading this knowledge through my website and social media channels. This was all good, but I had this feeling that "what if someone cannot understand what I have written". Because of the language used, am I making the knowledge "inaccessible" to them.
My worldview and vision expanded from "spreading the knowledge" to "knowledge for all".
My native language is Marathi, and my primary practice is in Pune. I wanted to include Marathi as a language. I know that it's a little less than "knowledge for all", but a baby step towards it. I wish to include all primary Indian regional languages if everything goes right.
I hope you will like these efforts. If you feel connected to this cause, I would love to talk to you. We will together make this "knowledge for all" a reality.

"It's a little challenging but not impossible" says Vijay

As a digital and IT mentor to Dr. Varshali's Gynecology Clinic, my role is to make sure that all "IT" is taken care of and "digital" platforms are harnessed to spread awareness and knowledge. When Dr. Varshali expressed a vision of "knowledge for all", we all got excited to see what transformation it can bring. It's truly a noble thought.
Many challenges and efforts are involved in translating the complete knowledge base and website into other languages. We felt that the "auto language translation" would miss the context and not be that effective. We also have our in-house developed application for "booking an appointment". We needed to convert everything from " English " to " Marathi " to give a true sense of translation and user experience in different languages. This involved lot of effort, and I feel both "English" and "Marathi" readers will now have experience "as if it is completely developed for them". There are still a few functionalities and articles not converted in Marathi. For example, the SMS we send to book an appointment is still in English. We will work on this in due course and see that everything is entirely converted.
So, it's a little challenging, but surely not impossible and worth the efforts for the noble vision. It's like a "small pebble size obstacle" in front of "mountain size vision".

"It’s exciting, and I instantly got connected” says Ashwini

I guess one of my clients introduced me to Dr. Varshali’s Gynecology Clinic team. Vijay shared the vision and thought process behind the initiative. It's simply amazing. “Knowledge for all” is really a noble cause. In the first place, I felt connected. In the “medical and healthcare” sector, the primary language of articles in English. This is a little restrictive for those comfortable reading and especially understanding Marathi.
I have been writing and inspiring the audience with Marathi dialect for many years, but it's connected to a little bigger cause this time. I can also contribute to this and be a part of this “Marathi version of knowledge for all” mission.
These are the thoughts behind this initiative. Today, on 26th Jan, on Republic Day, we are rolling out the first version of the Marathi website. To choose the website language, click on the language translation button and select the language of your choice. On computer, the language translation button is available on top right corner, on mobile devices, this is available on bottom left corner.
Language translation method - Dr. Varshali's Gynecology Clinic
Language translation
As of today, there are about 40 articles written in English. We are converting all of them one by one. For any of the articles not available in Marathi, you will see the message of non-availability. We are on it and will convert it all in Marathi very soon.
We hope that you liked this initiative. We hope it helps you get familiar with gynecology, pregnancy, and women's wellness. We request you to share this with your “Marathi” friends, relatives, and with all those you care about. Keep spreading the awareness and knowledge.

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