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Pregnancy ultrasound / sonography scan test

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Pregnancy ultrasound / sonography scan test

What is pregnancy ultrasound / sonography scan test? It is a diagnostic medical procedure that uses sound waves to produce images on a screen, which allows viewing internal structures of the body. Ultrasonography / ultrasound is a safe diagnostic medical procedure where sound waves are introduced into the body using a transducer. The sound waves bounce off the bones and tissues in the body and produce a black and white image on a monitor. The procedure is safe because it does not use ionizing radiation like an x-ray or CAT scan, which should be avoided in pregnancy.
How does ultrasonography / ultrasound works? The ultrasound image is produced by sending sound waves of 1-10 million hertz through a transducer by placing it over structures of the body. The sound waves are either absorbed or bounce back to crystals in the head of the transducer. For example, sound waves go through areas that are hollow or fluid-filled, such as the bladder and blood vessels. These areas appear black on the screen. Areas filled with tissue allow some penetration and refraction of sound and produce a grayish-white image. Really hard structures, such as bone, produce a bright white image as the sound waves completely bounce back to the transducer.
Why use pregnancy ultrasound / sonography scan test? This is the most accurate method to detect the pregnancy. In pregnancy, this allows taking an image of the woman's womb. The amniotic fluid will appear black, which enhances the bones and tissues of the baby, which will appear white. Ultrasound may be used to visualize the fetus in your womb at around four and a half weeks after your last menstrual period (LMP). It can tell you how many weeks you are into pregnancy and how healthy your baby is. You may be able to hear your baby's heartbeat by seven weeks after LMP.
Most accurate method of all, ultrasonography / Ultrasound uses sound waves to produce an image on a screen and help to view the internal structure of the body. This is a safe procedure and does not create any harm to the baby or a mother. Generally done at around four and half weeks after your last menstrual period, this helps to detect the pregnancy duration and health of the baby.
Dr. Varshali Mali (MBBS, DNB). Gynecologist & Pregnancy Doctor

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Dr. Varshali Mali is an Obstetrician and Gynecologist. She did her MBBS from Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College, Pune, DNB (Obstetrics & Gynecology) from Jehangir Hospital, Pune, and Diploma in Gynecological Endoscopy from University of Schleswig Holstein - Kiel Germany. She has a number of years of experience working as a gynecologist, pregnancy doctor, and lecturer. Currently, through her clinic located at Life Republic township near Marunji, she provides gynecology and pregnancy care solutions to the women around Hinjewadi, Wakad and nearby area in Pune. In her patient community, she is known for her welcome nature, smiley face, supportive attitude, intelligence and in-depth knowledge about gynecology and pregnancy. Mother of two daughters, she believes that motherhood is the best gift one can get. As her contribution, she puts her best efforts to make the pregnancy journey most enjoyable for her patients.

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