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What's next when you get positive pregnancy test?

What's next when you get positive pregnancy test?

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What's next when you get positive pregnancy test?

What's next when you get positive pregnancy test?

Your test results are positive, and you are pregnant. Your next step depends on two things, you have planned for this pregnancy and want to have the baby, or this is an unplanned pregnancy.
You planned to have the baby : If you are planning to continue the pregnancy and planning to have a baby, take another test (or two) to make sure you're pregnant. In case of any confusion on the results, consult the Gynecologist. It's advisable to see the pregnancy doctor before you reach the 8-week mark. The doctor can then plan and advice the further course of action, the prenatal care you need to take, guidelines about your lifestyle, medication or diet to keep yourself and your baby healthy for next nine months.
You did not plan to have the baby : If you become pregnant unexpectedly and didn't plan to get pregnant, looking at all the options and deciding on what to do can be very confusing. In this case, talk to your spouses, partner, people close to you and consult with a pregnancy doctor for help and guidance. The first option is to think about continuing the pregnancy. Although originally you did not plan for the baby, once the results are positive, you can check a possibility of continuing the pregnancy. Talk to people close to you, people you trust and assess this option. If still think not to have a baby, consult the pregnancy doctor for options to end the pregnancy. It is highly advised to use contraception methods in future to avoid unplanned pregnancy.
False positive pregnancy test results : In some cases, the result might be positive, but you are not pregnant. This generally happens if you have used the kit past its expiration date or if you have given an hCG injection during infertility treatment. A false positive pregnancy test result may also be seen in some cancers and other medical conditions that may produce elevated hCG levels. It is strongly recommended to consult the pregnancy doctor to confirm the pregnancy results and decide further course of action. To an uncomfortable situation in future, its advised not to announce your pregnancy immediately after positive results. Keep calm and control your emotions for few weeks. Let the pregnancy develop properly. Ask about "when to announce pregnancy" to the doctor.
Actions to be taken after your positive pregnancy test depends on your decision about having a baby or not having a baby. In both the cases, consult the pregnancy doctor to know different options. If you want to have a baby, consult the doctor before you reach 8-weeks pregnancy mark. This will help to get appropriate advice on maintaining good health of mother and baby. Be aware of false positive. Before you announce your pregnancy, consult the doctor for confirmation..
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Dr. Varshali Mali is an Obstetrician and Gynecologist. She did her MBBS from Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College, Pune, DNB (Obstetrics & Gynecology) from Jehangir Hospital, Pune, and Diploma in Gynecological Endoscopy from the University of Schleswig Holstein - Kiel Germany. She has several years of experience working as a gynecologist, pregnancy doctor, and lecturer. Through her clinic located at Life Republic township near Marunji, she provides gynecology and pregnancy care solutions to the women around Hinjewadi, Wakad, and nearby Pune. She is known for her welcoming nature, smiley face, supportive attitude, intelligence, and in-depth knowledge about gynecology and pregnancy in her patient community. Mother of two daughters, she believes that motherhood is the best gift one can get. As her contribution, she puts her best efforts into making the pregnancy journey most enjoyable for her patients.


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